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    February 2009
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Archive for February 16th, 2009

FINAL RESULTS EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS ’09 : The Danish Claimed Their 13th Crown

Posted by SEJAHTERA BADMINTON on February 16, 2009

( – Since The European Championships began 37 years ago, the Danish has been showed their dignity to take away 12 titles. The England has their clinched to take away the title after Andrew Smith makes some miracles with his game over Joachim Persson. But unfortunately the new combination pair, Donna/Jenny couldn’t make the decider game on their way.

England’s most formidable pair Anthony Clark/Donna Kellogg opened the final match against the champion of Denmark SS 2008, Joachim Fischer/Christinna Pedersen. With his smash and aggressively attack, Anthony and Donna always lead the game since the beginning of set 3-0 until toilet break 11-4. With so many mistakes from Danish pair to return the ball, the England continued their way from 16-7 into 19-9 before ended the 1st set, 21-10.

In the 2nd set, Joachim and Christinna change their tactics and play more aggressive in front of the net. After falling behind 11-14, the Danish raised up their wings and took 5 consecutive points and lead the way 16-14. But the England’s pair wouldn’t give up easily and tied up Joachim/Christinna at 16. The match looks so heavy at this point when other pair don’t let their opponent leads more than one point.

Anthony/Donna get match point first, 20-19 but failed to finish it then the Danish grab 2 points almost to force rubber set, 21-20. Critical point syndrome crashed all of their hope after 3 last points has been took away by Anthony/Donna, 23-21.

eurobadmintonThe Danish have to bury their dreams to equal the score after world #6, Joachim Persson not playing well over Andrew Smith. This is the 2nd time for Joachim which is not at his best after lost from Spanish, Pablo Abian at his 1st match. After suffered from 2-5 to 8-11 before toilet break the Danish successfully tied up Andrew at 11-all. Although he tries to play aggressive with smashing and placing, many errors that he makes should be the first major of his lost. Thrilling behind 13-17, Persson surrendered 15-21.

Playing more patient reduced Joachim’s unforced error in the 2nd set. Andrew leads away from Joachim 7-1 at the beginning. But then the Danish changed his tactics with his placing and netting after fallen behind 8-12 then took 7 consecutive points to change his level 15-12. Aggressively playing with his smash Andrew tied up at critical point 18 after thrilling 13-17. Lost his momentum makes Joachim played un focus when Andrew reach his match point 20-18. Joachim almost forced rubber set 19-20 but Andrew wouldn’t let it go and ended this set 21-19.

Stuck at 0-2 Tine Rasmussen closed the point into 1-2 after winning over the England, Elizabeth Cann. Cann has no chance to develop her skills and all the games ruled by The Queen. Les than 30 minutes, Tine wrapped it up 21-14, 21-10.

Semifinalist Malaysia SS 2009, Anthony Clark/Nathan Robertson almost bring the happiness to their team after forced rubber game into the winner of Korea SS 2009, Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen. The Danish whose playing aggressively with their smashing and placing won 1st set 21-17. But the home’s players took 2nd set 21-16 after so many errors from two Danes and they’re played patiently in front of the net. But everything were going different in decider set. Althought not playing aggressive like their 1st game, Boe and Nuller keep force the Britannia with their placing and netting. The Danish eventually keep their confidence and win this set 21-15.

New combination pair, Donna Kellogg/Jenny Wallwork have to face Kamilla Rytter Juhl/Marie Roepke for decider. As the new pair, Donna and Jenny could handled Kamilla and Marie in the half of first set. But after thrilling 11-18, those two ladies have to let this set for Danish 14-21. In the 2nd set, Kamilla and Marie still on their way attractively to push their attack smash. Most points for England taken by their placing and drive in front of the net. The Danish whose plays patiently with less of error closed this game 21-15 to

Contribute by: Ferry Irawan



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