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Archive for April 23rd, 2009

Baru “Dikawinkan”, Fran/Pia Langsung Menang

Posted by SEJAHTERA BADMINTON on April 23, 2009

Kamis, 23 April 2009 | 16:30 WIB

JAKARTA, – Ganda campuran Fran Kurniawan/Pia Zebadiah meraih kemenangan pada penampilan pertama mereka. Melawan pasangan India Pranav Chopra/Prajakta Sawant di turnamen Vietnam International Challenge 2009, Rabu (23/4), pasangan baru tersebut menang 21-15 22-20.

Ini tentu saja hasil yang menggembirakan karena mereka baru saja “dikawinkan”. Dalam turnamen yang digelar di Hanoi tersebut, Fran/Pia dipasangkan menyusul beralihnya Pia dari tunggal putri.

Selanjutnya, Fran/Pia akan menghadapi pasangan tuan rumah yang menjadi unggulan keenam, Dao Manh Thang/Nguyen Thi Hong Anh.

Tentang penampilan mereka, Fran mengakui bahwa ia dan Pia sudah saling mengerti tipe permainan masing-masing. Karena itu, mereka bisa bekerjasama dengan baik.

“Komunikasi juga lancar, mudah-mudahan selanjutnya bisa berjalan dengan baik,” kata Fran yang sebelumnya berpasangan dengan Shendy Puspa Irawati dan saat ini mereka menempati peringkat 15 dunia.

Sementara itu, asisten pelatih Paulus Firman yang mendampingi para pemain berlaga di Vietnam mengatakan, hasil ini belum menjadi gambaran kekuatan Fran/Pia. Pasalnya, mereka belum menghadapi lawan yang sepadan.

“Penampilannya belum bisa dinilai, karena lawannya nggak bagus. Mungkin di babak selanjutnya (bisa dinilai) kalau ketemu lawan yang seimbang,” kata Paulus.

Selain Fran/Pia, Paulus mengatakan bahwa ganda campuran Indonesia lainnya juga meraih kemenangan, namun pemain tunggal putra Yoga Pratama dan tunggal putri Rizki Amelia sudah tersingkir dari turnamen berhadiah total 15.000 dolar As itu.

“Ganda putra dan ganda putri kecuali pasangan Pia/Debby Susanto, baru main besok (Kamis (23/4),” tambah Paulus.

Vietnam International Challenge yang diikuti sejumlah pemain Indonesia akan berlangsung hingga Minggu (26/4).

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Tien Minh Nguyen: The Face of Vietnam Badminton

Posted by SEJAHTERA BADMINTON on April 23, 2009

Tien Minh Nguyen is the best Vietnam badminton player. He is a young badminton player that is continuously becoming better. He is the most popular badminton athlete in Vietnam.

He became an excellent athlete even though the Vietnam badminton program is not good. However, that may change in the future with a young talent such as Tien Minh Nguyen on their team.

Tien Minh Nguyen is a very determined person that does not let obstacles stop from obtaining his goals. Vietnam does not have a good badminton program. This is why Tien Minh Nguyen has a very low salary as a badminton player. His monthly salary is only 200 dollars per month. That is a small salary for a professional athlete.

The low salary has not kept him from continually improving as a player evens though he is at a disadvantage compared to other players. Better badminton programs such as in China, Malaysia, and Denmark have top ranked sporting facilities, sponsors, strong local competition, and highly professional training. However the tough circumstances that he trains in are not hurting his career. He currently is the 15th ranked badminton player in the world.

Tien Minh Nguyen has done a lot in his badminton career at the young age of 26 years old. He was the first ever Vietnamese badminton player to play in the Olympics. He won a gold medal at the international Vietnam open in 2008. He also won a gold medal at the Vietnam Satellite and Malaysia Satellite tournaments in 2008. In addition, he has been named a distinctive athlete of Vietnam in 2004, 2007 and 2008. He also has won many other tournaments and honors in his career.

Tien Minh Nguyen is a very most popular athlete in Vietnam. He gets a lot of encouragement from his home country Vietnam to succeed in his career. Before the Summer Olympics in Beijing the robot company rewarded him 2,000 so that he would have the extra motivation at the Olympics to succeed.

Tien Minh Nguyen popularity is helping increase the popularity of badminton of badminton in Vietnam too. It eventually will be as popular as other sports in Vietnam such as soccer, tennis, Ping-Pong, and volleyball. This will be good for Vietnamese badminton because it will attract more talented young athletes to the sport.

Tien Minh Nguyen has much more to accomplish in his badminton career. He has a good support system with his family and country giving him support. They hope that he continues to be successful. His goal of winning a gold medal in the Olympics may eventually be obtained as well.

He has been playing the game of badminton since he was 11 years old. Thus, his discipline and determination will lead him to accomplish everything that he sets his mind too. (

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DENMARK INTERCLUB – Dramatic win for Gade

Posted by SEJAHTERA BADMINTON on April 23, 2009

Team Skaelskor Slagelse lifted the Danish Interclub trophy this evening in a dramatic and emotionally charged grand final win over BSK. Both teams halved the regulation matches 3-3 and in the deciding one off ‘golden set’ it was the women’s doubles combination of Anastasia Russkikh and Donna Kellogg who defeated Gail Emms and Helle Nielsen to claim the title for TSS.

By Mark Phelan Photos: M. Klingenberg ( Live in Copenhagen.

It was TSS who emerged victorious from the historic KB Hallen, in the picturesque suburb of Copenhagen, last night in a final that was jam packed with suspense and drama.

denmark-5Enemies for a Day: The final league match from an amazing season got under way with the mouth-watering mixed doubles tie that everyone wanted to see, Gail Emms and Carsten Mogensen for BSK against Donna Kellogg and Nathan Robertson representing TSS. No sooner was the match underway and BSK leading 7- 4 that Nathan Robertson lived up to his reputation as a somewhat controversial figure in the game as he earned himself a yellow card for querying the service judge just once to often. This incident seemed to just galvanise the BSK pair and with Mogensen on fire the TSS pair just had no answers to the Emms and Mogensen onslaught as they powered to an opening 21-12 win in the first. “Nathan is Nathan and yellow cards have been part of his badminton career for a long time now. I’m sure it did not effect him one bit as it did not effect me. I played with Nathan for so long that I know exactly what to expect from him on court” explained Emms about referring to the yellow card incident The second set was a closer contest as Kellogg and Robertson imposed themselves on the game but all the while it appeared to all watching that Emms and Mogensen were in complete control. The power and agility of Mogensen combined with the skill of Emms around the net was a sight to behold and at 20-17 Robertson handed the match to BSK with a foul serve straight into the net. First blood to BSK!! “This game was always going to be hard for me to play against two of my former partners Nathan and Donna. Carsten kept me focused and made my life on court so easy this evening. He was amazing in this game and he kept me focused and going. It was great to win this opening game as we have a great team spirit in the camp.”commented Emms after the mixed doubles opener

denmark-4No show like a Gade show: On the adjoining court Danish legend Peter Gade had already taken to the court and in typical Gade fashion appeared to be in complete control against Rune Ulsing from BSK. At 11-9 in the opener Gade found another gear and pulled away as he forced his opponent to the four corners of the courts with controlled lifts and precise net play. Ulsing had no real answers and succumbed to a 21-13 opening set defeat. The second set was a carbon copy of the first, well at least up to the mid game interval it was. Gade assumed another 11-9 lead and once again pulled away to lead 16-9. Ulsing sensing defeat was immanent gather himself and started to pull back the new world number 3 bit by bit. At 18-17 the crowd sensed a comeback was on the cards but a mistimed net smash from Ulsing gifted Gade the point he needed to stop the rot. Gade proceeded to rattle off the remaining 2 points he needed to clinch the match 21-17 and in doing so sent the TSS faithful wild as their drums and symbols rang out around the hall. “I knew there was pressure on me to win my match as everyone expected me to. I really felt in control throughout and I played well in this game and felt relaxed and confident. It was important to get that first point for us on the board” said Gade after his win which levelled the score at 1-1

denmark-2Pumped up Persson: In the second men’s singles Joachim Persson was certainly ‘in the zone’ as he involved the crowd heavily with plenty of fist clenching and finger pointing in an opening set that saw him leave Fischer with no real answers in a 21-15 win. At 16-14 down in the second set it was Fischers turn to get the BSK crowd involved as a smash down the line saw him close to within one of his more experienced men’s singles opponent. The BSK supporters were on their feet and Fischer fuelled their fire with arm swinging encouragement as he turned to them as if to say ‘this match is not over yet’. Both players continued to trade blows but it was Persson who displayed his singles prowess and fell to his knees to salute the TSS supporters after an unstoppable smash to the body of Fischer gave him a 21-19 second set win to move TSS into a 2-1 lead in the overall match.

In the women’s single Nanna Brosolat Jensen continued to the show the form that got her to the All England semi final in March as she displayed maturity and composure to see off the challenge of Camilla Overgaard. In a match that appeared very one sided it was the long discussion about the speed of the shuttles before the match even started which provided most of the drama. Brosolat took the opening set 21-13 without too much trouble and wrapped up the game with a very professional 20-15 in the second set as a defensive lift from Overgaard fell harmlessly out over the back line. Brosolat Jensen’s win once again tie the overall match at 2 games apiece.

denmark-3Spolied for choice: The atmosphere in the hall was electrifying as both men’s and women’s doubles took to the courts with a slightly staggered start for each game. The men’s doubles was always going to be a high tempo affair as Thomas Laybourn and Jonas Rasmussen took to the court against Mathias Boe and Tony Gunawan. The opening salvos produced long and extended rallies with both teams retrieving killer smashes from their opponents. Laybourn and Rasmussen took an early mid set lead after Boe disputed a call vigorously with the chair umpire. The decision stood and the resulting TV replay proved the line judge correct as the shuttle fell just centimetres out to the exalted roars from the BSK supporters. After the break the TSS pair bounced back to tie up the game at 15-15. Boe and Gunawan continued to ride the momentum they had built up to take a 20-17 lead and wrapped up the set with a driving smash down the centre of the court. Mean while on the adjoining court Helle Nielsen and Pernille Harder were in confident form against Anastasia Russkikh and Helene Kirkegaard. The teams were tied at 17-17 and the set was just crying out for someone to take the initiative. It was Neilsen who responded to the rallying cries from the BSK supporters and at game point leading 20-17 Nielsen played a crafty drop to the net to leave the TSS pair flat footed to take the set 21-17.

denmark-1On the TV court the men’s doubles was continuing to provide drama and excitement. Both sets of supporters were constantly moving their attention from one match to the next in an effort to keep up with the situation that was unfolding. Boe and Gunawan led 11-10 at the interval after a clever flick serve caught the BSK boys off guard. Gunawan and Boe made the decisive move to lead 14-11 but Laybourn gets a valuable point back for BSK as he ducks to avoid a smash that falls just outside the tramline.

All the while an intense battle is been fought out in the women’s doubles next door. Russkikh and Kirkegaard led at the mid game interval 11-8 and at 14-11 it looked like they just might be clawing their way back into the game. But Nielsen and Harder, buoyed on by the deafening support from their supporters started to narrow the deficit and the noise level went up another notch when the BSK girls levelled the game at 17-17. Two quick points from Neilsen smashes down the line on Harder’s serve gave the BSK girls a 19-17 lead and yet another flick serve caught Kirkegaard unawares to give leave Neilsen and Harder on match point. Russkikh and Kirkegaard saved one match point but a wayward smash from Kirkegaard then handed the set and the match to BSK 21-18. With BSK now leading 3-2 on matches TSS needed Boe and Gunawan to deliver in the last match on court. Trailing 14-12 Laybourn and Rasmussen continued to claw their way back and at 19-18 to TSS the destination of the cup was still anyone’s guess. Boe and Gunawan took a 20-18 lead to set up match point but Laybourn and Rasmussen kept the pressure on the TSS pairing to sit just one behind again at 20-19. It was still anyone’s guess at this point as to the destiny of the cup. Finally Boe and Gunawan secured the win they needed to take the match into a deciding golden set and both sets of supporter stood and clapped the exploits of all the players involved.

Golden night for a Golden Set: After the drama of the six regulation matches it was now down to the coaches to decide on the pairings for the golden set and it was all to be carried out live on television to even heighten the already elevated tension. The draw was made and the final showdown was to be a women’s double match featuring Donna Kellogg and Anastasia Russkikh for TSS and Gail Emms and Helle Nielsen for BSK. Immediately the TSS girls roared into gear and took a 6-1 lead before Emms and Nielsen knew what had hit them. BSK managed to stop the rot as they were handed a free point by Anastasia Russkikh after the service judge called a foul on her serve. Superb defence from Emms and Nielsen drew an uncharacteristic net error from Kellogg to give the BSK pair some hope as the narrowed the gap to 6-3. Two long rallies were to follow which took some inspired play from Russkikh to eak out a 8-3 lead for the TSS girls. Long rallies were the order of the day as Russkikh and Kellogg finally took a mid set lead at 11-6. At 12-7 behind the BSK supporters were fearing the worst for their now tiring warriors but like all warriors the BSK girls bounced back to close the gap as Emms retrieves the shuttle from her feet to clip the net and fall over to trail two at 12-10. Neilsen drew the loudest cheer all night from the BSK fans as an inspired disguised flat pass down the line had the BSK girls now within one point of their opponents at 12-11. Kellogg and Russkikh, sensing that they were in trouble, somehow managed to calm their nerves to take point after point to leave them requiring just two points to take the coveted title at 19-16. A driving smash from Kellogg at match point left her long time international partner Emms scrambling to recover and as the failed return fails to climb over the net the TSS team and supporters start to celebrate as the realisation of winning the title immediately sinks in. Gold glitter explodes into the air as the TSS team embrace in a circle all the while a dejected BSK team, beaten in the final for the second year running, look on wondering what they must have to do to claim the title. “It feels great and wonderful to win this title and I really feel we deserved it. We have always believed in ourselves and we worked all season together as a team. To win this title and to do it on the golden set is a major achievement in my career as I have been with this club for 10 years now so this club feels like my home club.” Said an elated Anastasia Russkikh immediately after her golden set triumph. “TSS have spent a lot of money to bring me to this club and I feel like I have repaid them with this win. I have now gone 13 years now without loosing which I am so proud of and this hall is amazing for badminton. I have said it before over and over but I really feel the Denmark Open should be played in this hall as it has a special atmosphere and is perfect for badminton. There were some amazing matches here tonight and it was a great advertisement for the domestic game here in Denmark. We need to create more nights like this here foe everyone to enjoy” Commented Peter Gade after the TSS victory.

denmark-6The Undercard: In the Bronze medal match played on Monday evening Greve once again proved their collective might as they powered past Vaerlose 4-1. Kenneth Jonassen set Greve on their way with a convincing and passionate display in beating Kasper Ispen 21-13 21-19. On the adjoining court Jens Eriksen continued to roll back the years as the Danish giant, helped in no small way by his partner Lars Paaske, swept aside the challenge Lundgaard and Kristiansen 21-14 21-17 to give Greve a 2-0 lead.

In the women’s doubles everyone expected the strong and experienced pairing of Mie Schjott and Britta Andersen to deal comfortably with the challenge of Anna Skelbaek and Maria Helsbol but a slightly out of sorts Greve pairing came up short in a tough three set battle 19-21 21-19 21-13. Skelbaek in particular impressed in this match and the Danish junior is certainly one to look out for in the future.

The mixed doubles proved to be an excellent match between two excellent pairings. On the orange Greve side were Christinna Pedersen and her diminutive Polish partner Robert Mathusiak. Their opponents on the White Vaerlose side were Kamilla Juhl and the giant Mads Kolding. Rarely have I seen such a contrast in size and styles as Kolding faced off against Mathusiak but it was the Greve man who had reason to celebrate come the end of the match as he and Pedersen ran out 21-16 21-19 to give Greve an apparently unassailable 3-1 lead.

As the women’s and second men’s singles took to the court it was probably fitting that Hans Kristian Vittinghus took the final point that Greve needed to secure victory. Vittinghus, in his last match for Greve Strand, was in dominant form as he never gave his opponent Emil Vind an opportunity to settle in the game. Vittinghus cruised to a 21-14 21-13 win with a display of high tempo badminton that secured the bronze medal for Greve Strand.

All results HERE

(On tournament Software, the Golden Set isn’t a regular set up)

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GB badminton eyes China downfall

Posted by SEJAHTERA BADMINTON on April 23, 2009

By Mark Ashenden

Britain’s badminton players can topple China’s top talent according to the boss of England’s governing body.

great-bThe Chinese won eight medals, including three golds at the Beijing Olympics, while British pair Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms lost in the quarter-finals.

Badminton England chief executive Adrian Christy told BBC Sport: “We are coming in after a successful era, but we’re building for 2012 and beyond.

“There will be no compromise. China are the competition but we can be bigger.”

Badminton England’s directive is developing the current crop of international players and the young prospects coming through to the Elite senior level, as well as providing a pathway for producing talent for the Olympics.

Christy, who oversees the development of the sport in England and Britain, is targeting two medals at London 2012.

He is looking to improve on the mixed doubles bronze won by Simon Archer and Joanne Goode in 2000 and the Athens silver in won by Robertson and the now-retired Emms in 2004.

Following the lack of medals at last year’s Olympics, Christy added: “We did well in Athens and Sydney and we were close in Beijing.

“Although we had tough draws in China, the fact of the matter is that we didn’t deliver.”

As well as performance director Ian Moss, the responsibility of this delivery that Christy is demanding also lies in the hands of the recently-appointed Ian Wright and Andy Wood.

Wright, former national head coach, is the new performance manager and Wood, team GB manager in Beijing, is the new Olympic team boss for London.

Wood led Team GB in Beijing, while Wright guided England to bronze in the Sudirman Cup in 2007 and successive silvers in the European team championships in 2007 and 2008 and was also GB and England coach in Beijing.

With six high performance centres in England and a base in Milton Keynes the future looks even brighter for the sport in Britain.

Wright revealed huge “excitement” for his new role, emphasising his responsibilities lay towards talent recruitment and winning medals.

“We do have a lot of emerging players but in the long term we have to compete with the Asians and increase the base of players,” Wright said, adding that Gabby White, 18, and Chris Adcock, 20, were great prospects.

“There have been some uneasy times but we now have to create more competition for players for the English and British programs.

“At the end of the day we will be judged by this.”

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Posted by SEJAHTERA BADMINTON on April 23, 2009

Surabaya, 22/4 (Sports.Roll) – Pemanggilan tiga pelatih asal Jawa Timur untuk menangani para pebulu tangkis Pelatnas Pratama, tidak lepas dari keterlibatan dan campur tangan Sekretaris Jenderal PB PBSI Yacob Rusdianto, yang juga Ketua Umum Pengprov PBSI Jatim.

Hal itu dikemukakan Ketua Bidang Pembinaan Prestasi Pengprov PBSI Jatim, Ferry Stewart saat dikonfirmasi ANTARA soal pemanggilan tiga pelatih asal Jatim di Surabaya, Rabu.

“Selama ini bulu tangkis Jatim seolah tidak punya prestasi dan sering diabaikan oleh PB PBSI. Padahal, Jatim punya potensi besar yang tidak kalah dengan daerah lain,” katanya.

Menurut Ferry, keberadaan Yacob Rusdianto di jajaran teras pengurus PBSI, bisa menjadi akses untuk memberi kesempatan bagi pelatih dan pebulu tangkis Jatim yang memiliki potensi berkiprah di pentas nasional.

“Sebelum ini, usulan Jatim tidak pernah terakomodasi karena tidak punya wakil di pusat. Pak Yacob berusaha melihat potensi yang dimiliki Jatim, bukan faktor KKN (kolusi, korupsi dan nepotisme) yang ditonjolkan,” tambah Ferry.

Tiga pelatih asal Jatim yang dipanggil menangani Pelatnas Pratama adalah Bambang Supriyanto, Roni Agustinus dan Yenni Diah. Ketiganya merupakan mantan pemain Pelatnas dan andalan Jatim.

Selain ketiganya, PB PBSI juga memanggil tiga pelatih lain, yakni Namri (Banten), Edwin Iriawan (Batam) dan Risye (Bandung).

Keenam pelatih itu akan menangani pemain Pelatnas Pratama yang kini sedang mengikuti pemusatan latihan di Akademi Militer (Akmil) di Magelang.

Ferry Stewart mengatakan kemampuan dan kualitas ketiga pelatih asal Jatim itu tidak perlu diragukan, kendati usianya masih tergolong muda.

“Saya optimis mereka mampu memberikan yang terbaik untuk kemajuan bulu tangkis Indonesia. Memang ada tudingan miring soal pemanggilan mereka, tapi mereka juga sudah melalui serangkaian tes,” ujarnya.

Sebelum ini, enam pebulu tangkis dipanggil masuk Pelatnas Pratama, setelah dinyatakan lolos seleksi nasional. Pemanggilan ini juga sempat menimbulkan tudingan tidak sedap, karena diduga ada keterlibatan Yacob Rusdianto untuk meloloskan sejumlah nama.

Yenni Diah yang dikonfirmasi terpisah mengaku bangga atas pemanggilan tersebut, kendati diakui ada beban tersendiri yang harus dipikul dalam menangani calon-calon pemain masa depan yang tergabung di Pelatnas Pratama.

“Saya tidak ingin menyia-nyiakan kepercayaan ini, meskipun saya tahu beban dan tanggung jawabnya sangat besar. Mudah-mudahan saya bisa memberikan yang terbaik buat Pelatnas,” kata Yenni yang kini aktif melatih di PB Suryanaga Gudang Garam Surabaya itu.

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