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Archive for June 22nd, 2009


Posted by SEJAHTERA BADMINTON on June 22, 2009

BADMINTON-MAS-CHNWang Lin’s father and mother were ex-china badminton players, there is an article about wang lin ,this article was worte two years ago .

Wang Lin was a dark horse in the China Badminton Masters held in Chengdu in March, 2006. Nobody had expected her to win all the way to the top. But she surprised everyone. She defeated world’s top players and became the champion.Looking at the 17-year-old girl standing on the victory podium, Li Yongbo, head coach of the national badminton team, was excited to predict that this teenage girl would become a world champion one day.

The previously little known dark horse Wang Lin is from Hangzhou, capital of east China’s coastal Zhejiang Province.

Her parents were badminton champions. Her father was a national champion and her mother ranked among the top three in the world. But the parents decided long before she came into the world that the sports world would be off-limits for the child.

Before she was 10 years old, the sweet kid Wang Lin did not play any badminton. The parents were busy coaches for the provincial badminton teams. So Wang Lin took care of herself. That’s partly why she was such a darling sweet baby in the eyes of her parents. After school, she would do home work by the training court, waiting for the training session to end so that she would go home with her parents. By 10, Wang Lin had learned how to take good care of herself.

It seemed to her parents that all had been going on well according to their original plan. However, they forgot one minor thing. Her primary school is a cradle of badminton world champions and has produced two female world badminton champions. The coach there was his father’s friend. Then the sweet baby was on the school’s “badminton hobby team”.

The talent she inherited from the champion parents shone immediately. By no time did she become an excellent player. Probably convinced by her brilliance, the parents changed their minds about her future. At the age of 11, she was on the provincial team to receive full-time training. Half a year later, her mother became her coach. The little girl trained hard and braved through all kinds of tough physical training and the strict “nitpicks”from her mother. In 2002, Wang Lin won four gold medals at the 13th Zhejiang Games.

In the same year, her father became a coach of the junior national badminton team. Hoping his daughter would be with the team, the father took the daughter to the training camp in Xiamen. On the second Sunday, the father gave the daughter a treat in a local restaurant. Wang Lin convinced her father of her decision that she wanted to go back to her team. It was not that she did not want to be on the national team. She would rather join the team on her own merits, not by means of her father’s privilege.

So she came back and worked harder. In 2003, she became the female champion at the Asia Junior Badminton Championships. She joined the junior national team in July 2004. And since 2005, she has been on the senior national team.

Wang calls home once a week to talk about her training. Her father comments proudly on his sweet baby girl, “She has a mind of her own. And she is quite a character! We no longer need to worry about how she will develop as a badminton player.” Wang is now one of the promising players for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Forthright and warm-hearted, the 17-year-old girl has a lot of friends. Badminton is no longer her hobby. Shopping is. And with the help of a journalist who she calls sister, she has learned to operate her own blog. Nowadays, she finds new friends online. She chats with them just like a next door neighbor girl.

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